Definition of BENCHEAD noun \ˈbench-head\
Also spelled as BENCHHEAD.
1490 BC First recorded date used:

1: A visitor who sits and visits with you while you are sitting alone. 2: The invisible voice of a talking head that waits for secret friends. 3: Idle mis-mutterings of a displaced psycho-dubio ( not commonly used).  4: A quantum visitor that renders identification and self-acknowledgment.  5: A good listener that remembers nothing and offers little to no advice of value.



The benchead came to visit me as I sat quietly alone on the overturned bucket near the train track beside the old brick hospital.  

consult the:  Despliamo Manual of the Logical Association of Listeners(1894), which is available in all 48 connected states, as well as the 2 non-connected land mass states. Sometimes available in most Speak Easyee's.